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Broadrick is a genius. - 95%

caspian, October 23rd, 2005

I've never listened to Godflesh, indeed I only know JK Broadrick from the few remixes of Isis and Pelican i've heard. Still they've all been really, really good, so when I saw this CD in my local shop I had to buy it.

The first thing you notice with this album is the unique CD booklet. It's made using weird materials, and while the artwork may not really fit the album (in my opinion anyway) it's really good. Aaron Turner has designed a lot of great album covers and this one is just as good as say, the Celestial design or the Australiasia design. But enough of that, it's time for the music.

This album is really quite an amazing one, and totally unique. It's slow and heavy, but a lot of it is really ethereal, even the heavy parts. The whole thing sounds really alien, I definetly haven't heard anything like this before, ever. The strange production would really account for this. Don't get me wrong, the production is incredible, just really weird. The guitar's are really, really distorted, but it's not a metal distortion. It's just... strange.

The songs are really really strange too. There's always a lot of background stuff going off, whether it's just static, and additional guitar line or whatever. The music consists mainly of big, slow guitars with ethereal, fx-treated guitar lines floating over the top of the whole big thing. Sometimes, the whole thing will just be a 2 note guitar line, drenched in sound effects, ebbing and flowing in the background. While these parts go on for a while, they don't repeat endlessly, and most people shouldn't get bored with 'em. The vocals are pretty cool too. Broadrick isn't the most amazing singer ever, but he does have a good voice, and like everything else in this album, it's filtered through a few effects. It fits really, really well with the whole thing though. His voice is like an instrument, drifting into and out of the mix. The whole thing is complemented nicely by the drums. The drums don't do anything difficult, but they do sound fairly epic, and they give the songs momentum. The huge sound of them fits really well in the whole scheme of things.. You need big drums for this kind of music.

One of the best things with this album is the kind of vibe it sends out. It's not exactly what you would say is a 'raw' album, but the whole album has a really organic feel about it. There's a very warm, welcoming thing throughout the entire album. While a lot of this album is fairly sad, you won't feel depressed through much of this album. For every part that's sad, there is a part that's joyful. That's fairly strange for a metal album, the only other band that I can think of doing that is maybe Pelican.

This is a must buy album for all metal fans. It pushes the boundaries of metal, indeed, it pushes the boundaries of music. I've never heard anything like this, and I don't think I will until I buy the first Jesu EP. You all need this album. If you think your Fantomas CD's, or your Avant Jazzcore collection is the most out there music ever, think again.