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Fusion on steroids - 95%

The_Ghoul, January 18th, 2008

This album floored me. The problem with most fusion is that at the end of the day, it's just wankery. All the jazzy undertones and complex chords are there only to mask that it's an ego trip for the musicians.

Not this.

This is fusion attacked by a metal keyboardist. It's dramatic, trippy, fast at times, but almost always ridiculously technical. Yet at the same time, it's really easy to listen to. Even when you forget the technicality, it's hard to hate this. Mind you, I'm not much into fusion, for the reason stated above, so this is reviewed by a metalhead.

Jens Johansson has always matched or exceeded Yngwie in terms of technical ability, and of course actual substance behind the style as well. Jens has a broad range of stylistic and thematic options at his disposal, doing classical and jazz and metal equally well. It shows here, with his noodlings constantly defying the laws of physics with their sheer innovation and technicality. Of course, Anders Johansson is a beast. His drumming style always comes across as if he's could easily go up 100 notches, that he's bored playing at technicality levels that our mortal minds can comprehend. Basically, he's good. And he isn't all speed, either; it's remarkably subtle. That doesn't mean he can't play fast. But it means it isn't in your face, like most death metal drummers are.

Really, for me at least, shit like this is impossible to review. There are so many genres being put into the melting pot and I find it impossible to pick all them out, so I won't even try. Is it good music? Yes. Sometimes it goes on and on, but usually Jens keeps on stepping up a notch and keeping the energy up. Plus he's incredibly adaptable too. So, do get this. You will not be disappointed.