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Quorthon's will? Hum... - 50%

Sean16, February 11th, 2006

Of course, this single has some historical importance. Of course it’s hard to judge Quorthon and Jennie Tebler’s gothic project by what remains of it, these only two little tracks. Of course I won’t rejoice at Quorthon’s death. But I still have to admit that, be it finished or not, this project wasn’t likely to add anything to Bathory’s mastermind fame.

Silverwing is a decent gothic song, but from Quorthon we could have expected much, much more. One definitely doesn’t have to be a pioneer of black metal and/or the creator of Viking metal to record this. Of course, Quorthon’s characteristic guitar sound is here, but the music in itself sounds rather uninspired, and the song becomes rapidly boring after more than two listens. Concerning the vocals, I hadn’t heard Jennie Tebler before and I don’t regret anything: the standard pop-ish vocals which are way too much spread nowadays. I would almost have preferred to hear Quorthon’s awful voice: it sounds, at least, unique.

The second track is a cover of Song to Hall up High, if one can speak of a cover as the music is unchanged, only the vocals have been replaced by Jennie Tebler’s. Now it’s rather simple: did you think for one second that some (rather poor) gothic voice could fit with a VIKING song? Well, case closed.

I don’t know if this was really intended to remind us of the talented musician that Quorthon was, but it doesn’t really pay tribute to him, even if I guess he doesn’t give a fuck for it where he is now. For me it sounds more like another cash-grab on the great man’s name, but it’s just my humble opinion...