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Jason Becker - The Legendary Guitar of Jason Becker

The Guitar Hero - 90%

ReverseTracheotomy, December 8th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2007, DVD, Hot Licks

Jason Becker. A guitarist that is so under-known its criminal. After achieving stardom and joining David Lee Roth's band (which was considered the most prestigious gig for a guitar player at that time) he contracted ALS and was no longer able to play guitar by the age of 21. His heartbreaking story is truly inspirational. This man was (in my opinion, fight me) the greatest guitar player of all time. And always we will be. His level of technical proficiency at such a young age, and his songwriting ability were insane. The dude was a complete monster. Even today, he can only move his eyes and he still writes some completely kick-ass music. This guy was so far ahead of his time. he was playing songs by the most advanced guitar players in the world while he was a teenager.

This DVD is a of a guitar clinic he did at a school in Georgia. It clocks in at a little under an hour and has some pretty great footage of him playing and showing a few concepts. (He states in the video that he didn't include tabs or teach stuff note for note because he wanted people to learn and grasp it for themselves, so if you're looking for a tab booklet this isn't for you). The ideas he demonstrates are really innovative and honestly mind blowing at times. His level of creativity is really inspiring and will humble you as a guitar player. There's also a few clips of him playing some of his songs like Seranna and When You Wish Upon a Star. This can't really be found anywhere else so it's awesome to be able to see him play in a little higher quality footage than some of the live videos on YouTube.

If you're a fan of Jason Becker, a guitar player looking to tackle some advanced concepts, or just wanting to support him to afford his treatments by buying this you absolutely need this DVD. It has been really inspirational to me to help my pick up my guitar and shred as well as serving as a learning tool for some really advanced concepts as well as some ideas that are simply but pretty cool. For the price and the content this thing is really unbeatable. If nothing else just buy the DVD, seriously. This guy has earned your support just with the amazing music he's given to the world.