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Quite possibly the most underrated Guitarist ever. - 94%

Quicksilverturk, August 29th, 2004

This album makes most of the other "shredder" albums obsolete for me. Perpetual Burn has some of the best guitarwork I've ever heard. Anyone who has not heard Altitudes needs to quickly get this album or DL it. This is one of the most gorgeous pieces of music I've ever heard, if not number one. My favorite instrumental behind only Orion. It's slow with Jason seeming to warm up for the first 1:20 of it, then it heads into the best guitar passage I've ever heard. It's so soft and serene, putting your soul in a mode of relaxation. Some of the guitarwork on this album is Mabel's Fatal Fable, with it's odd intro kicks off into arpeggios of Yngwie-like virtuosity, yet I still find it more enjoyable than most Yngwie. At about 1:10, it shreds for a few seconds somewhat like Post Mortem, then Jason comes over with classical shred leads. Temple of the Absurd starts out with guitars and drumming. Awesome shredding and groovey drumwork make this song. Somewhere in the song, the drums do a slow standard beat and a guitar is lining up against it with Sixtuplets, creating a good feel. Next great track is Eleven Blue Egyptians which is just awesome. Great riffing and soloing, with a real Egyptian feel to it. This album closes with the awesome Opus Pocus.
This is a very important album in the world of shreddom. Jason Becker was above most of these guys. There are few albums that are like this, and this is a monumental mark of the classical-shred genre.