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Their catchiest album - 95%

Warpig, April 14th, 2004

I ordered this album for a friend a few years ago. At first I didn’t even want to listen to it, but a few days later I thought I could give it a try - and it blew me away!

I turned into a Jag Panzer fan right away, and I guess the reasons are obvious: Harry Conklin sings like a god, Chris Broderick’s guitar playing is brilliant and the rhythm section is tight as shit. However that would count for nothing, if the songs were not that good.

But no matter if it’s the live standard “Iron Eagle”, “False Messiah”, “The Moors”, the title track (although some have argued that the chorus is a bit too cheesy), or the reworkings of older songs like “Lustful And Free”, “Viper”, “Chain Of Command” or “Take This Pain Away” - this is Metal at its best!

Many fans consider this to be Jag Panzer’s best album. Whether or not this is true, this is definitely Jag Panzer’s catchiest.