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Shakespeare was a Metal Head - 92%

Symphony_Of_Terror, January 19th, 2003

Who says Shakspeare can't kick ass? This Jag Panzer's finest work. Harry Conklin delivers high pitched screams to low growls. When Harry Conklin sings he becomes Banquo, Macbeth, Malcolm, and Macduff. Something very hard to do, make the listener believe he is the character he is singing for. When he Conklin proclaims he shall slay Banquo it sends chills down my spine because there is so much power in his voice. In certain songs when Conklin must sing as two different characters it seems as if two different singers are singing. Its almost like intense dialogue at some points.
The guitars on this album are amazing as well. There isn't one track where you can't bang your head to. From fast, to melodic acousti guitars, this album has it all. The only downfall is the track tends to weaken around track 9, and it goes from great songs, to okay songs. Except for the last trak, Requiem of Macbeth, this is a great ballad full of emotion. This album is Panzer's best album, I recomend it to all heavy metal fans or shakespeare fans, BUY IT!!!