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Shakespeare is pleased... - 97%

Mithr4ndir, July 12th, 2008

And so am I.

This is one of the best power metal album I have heard in quite a while, and makes me sorry that I have avoided Jag Panzer this long. This album has everything that I love in power metal, ballsy vocals, lyrics that aren't absolutely abysmal, and crunchy guitars.

The concept struck close to home as well, with Macbeth being the only Shakespeare play that I liked, and they portray it spectacularly, even going so far as to take lines from the play which is a nice touch.

The guitar-work in this album is top-notch, and surpasses your typical weak guitar sound that you get in a lot of power metal albums. It is quite technical a lot of the time, and the solos are spectacular. Harry Conklin's vocals are stunningly powerful throughout this release, and he proves this right off the bat, and he provides some choruses that are epic and powerful. He is also able to represent many different characters with his voice, whether it is Macbeth, Banquo, MacDuff, or any other character.

The thing that impressed me the most in this album is the fact that it is a concept album that isn't filled to the brim with fillers. Every song on this album is a powerful representation of Shakespeare's world through the eyes of the band. Even the shorter songs are well made, and not just thrown in there to seem sophisticated.

High Points:

Thane of Cawdor - Catchier-than-AIDS chorus, and solo
Bloody Crime - Amazing musical interpretation of Macbeth's 'Bloody Dagger' soliloquy.
Tragedy of Macbeth - Telling the entire story in one song. A well done wrap-up
Three Voices of Fate - For providing the most epic lyric/line in this album. "Live on MacDuff, why should I fear. You too must die, My guilt to clear"

Low Points:

I can't find any.