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Great Album By an Underrated Band - 88%

PowerProg_Adam, April 29th, 2003

Jag Panzer has been around for many years, in fact longer than I've been alive, yet they recieve so little recognition. I would go as far as to call them a progressive band, because from their earlier music, their albums certainly do not sound that much alike. Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin has an absolutely amazing voice in my opinion, but it seems to me that he may have a "love it or hate it vocal style".

Take to the Sky is an amazing opener. I absolutely love the chorus to this song, its very catchy. I also really like their time change half way through the song into a mid-paced very heavy guitar riff. But nothing can top the closing to this track. You can't beat the Tyrant's amazing high-pitched backing vocals for himself as the chorus is being sang at the end.

Frozen in Fear I didn't really like all that well to begin, but the guitar mastery after " she lies awake each night frozen in fear" makes you really appreciate this song on i whole new level. Conkin's voice is almost scary, its so good.

You can absolutely not beat UnWorthy. The gregorian chant intro is an extremely eerie prelude to some of the most melodic guitar playing I have ever heard! Conklin's voice even goes extra high at points on this track. If you are looking for a track to introduce you to Jag Panzer, this is a must listen.

Hidden in My Eyes isn't exactly a ballad, however it is a very melodic an heartfelt song. I love the lyrics to this song, very competently written. This is one of my personal favorites.

There is not a bad track on this album at all. Some are better than others, but there isn't really anything that you would want to skip. This is how an album should be. Not all songs can be winners, but at least if you make them sound different, some people will be able to latch on to different songs than others. My favorites for this album may not be others favorites, simply because each song is on a different continuium. With such competent musicians, you cannot make songs that will make you want to break the cd. This is a must for fans of any type of metal in my opinion.