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Go Buy This! - 96%

FatalStrike, August 31st, 2002

Colorado based Jag Panzer have produced some great metal over there career, and continue to do so on their latest offering, Mechanized Warfare. This is a must buy for any fan of the band or of metal. Conklin again delivers with great vocals, and some of the guitar work on this album is unmatched by anything out today.
The album starts out with Take to the Sky, a building intro leads to a great song, highlighting by a floating solo that shreds all over the place. The next song is the fast paced Frozen in Fear, very well done song, very well played by all members of the band. The next song Unworthy is my personal favorite on the album. The melodic intro leads to one hell of a song. The song has it's heavy and melodic moments, and is a very strong offering. The Silent is a nice song that cruches along, again great guitar work. The Scarlet Letter is another song with some crunch to it that. Choir of Tears has a great intro, and is one hell of a song in it's own right. I didn't really like Cold is the Blade on the first listen, but the melodic section in the middle with the violin and guitar has become one of my favorite parts of the album, and it leads to a great solo. Hidden in My Eyes is a good song, some of the vocal work reminds me of Midcrime- era Queensrcyhe, which is not a bad thing. Power Surge is also a definent highlight of the album. This song chugs along, and is one of the heaviest of the album, and its about metal so it kicks ass! Conklin also screechs on this song which is pretty cool, this sogn definently highlights his range and talent as a vocalist. The album ends with a very melodic song, All Things Removed.
In all, this is a great album. There is not a piece of filler on this album, and every song is easily a classic. Very well done vocal work, and incredible guitar work from bot guitarists. The rest of the rhythm section was incredibly great as well. Even if you don't like "power metal" go check out this album. It will not dissapoint.
***NOTE*** I just found out that if you keep playing after the end of track 10 you can here a funny little version of the verse of Scarlet Letter. Go check it out.