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Finally they released their old stuff. - 98%

Symphony_Of_Terror, March 24th, 2004

Finally Jag Panzer released their older works. Ample Dstruction has to be the hardest album to find, I have looked everywhere for it, even online, no where to be found. I was albe to download it though. So it was good news when Panzer released this double cd set with all their older songs, demos, and goodies.

Musically these recordings are superior to the first, in terms of sound quality. But the origonal feel of the songs was lost, but a new feel was gained. Its hard to say which is better. The origonal recordings had an undeground 80's heavy metal feel to them. The new ones have a well produced shine to them, making the musical notes more attractive. When Conklin screams you hear it better and louder, as goes with the the solo's, drums, and basslines. So it seems what is gained outweights what was lost. The songs themselves are all great, better than Jag Panzers 90's albums, a different sound from their new stuff though. If you can't find their origonal work for sale or download, get this album, its a nice substitute. One of the better compilations I have seen from bands. The only thing that bothers me is that the band should have put the tracks in the order they appeared on the origonal albums...this comp jumps around a bit.