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A good album - 85%

c6ss6t6, February 17th, 2005

YES, my favourite US power metal band is back with their new and ninth
full-length studio album Casting the Stones. Jag Panzer might be a band that
is as predictable as the fact that water is wet but none the less the band
remains among the very elite of metal bands. Casting the Stones doesn't in
any way disappoint despite the predictability but seriously I wouldn't have
it any other way. Right from the opener "Feast or Famine" it's clear that
we're as usual is in for a treat. The band plays as usual their somewhat
progressive interpretation of power metal flawlessly and seriously there's
absolutely nothing to point fingers at here.

The music is very organic and memorable and in particular a song like
"Starlight's Fury" is indescribable but also the fantastic "The Mission
(1943)" proves that Jag Panzer are highly skilled musicians that knows how
to write amazing music but it's a bit unfair of me only to mention the two
above songs 'cause the rest of the material is of an equally high quality.
As usual the amazing vocal work of Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin" fits
perfectly in with the equilibristic guitar escapades of Mark Briody and
Chris Broderick not to mention the pulsating bottom provided by drummer
Rikard Stjernequist and bassist John Tetley which combined takes the band to
a whole other level than most of their colleagues.

So to sum things up; Jag Panzer has once again blessed the world with an
amazing album that almost cannot disappoint fans of this band or power metal
in general. Casting the Stones might not contribute with anything
groundbreaking or for that matter slightly innovative but we are still some
who swear to metal played the old fashioned way and if you're one those then
I wouldn't hesitate for a second in getting Casting the Stones.