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Rock'n roll ain't pretty… but it's all a good fu - 100%

EvinJelin, March 23rd, 2014

Ah, obscure female metal bands from the 80s, how I love you. So I am reviewing you again, and again and again. This is another CD that fits one of my many musical ideals. I'm a writer and I want to achieve different things with my stories. I'm also a music fan and there are several kind of music I'd really love to hear. In Jaded Lady's case, they fit my ideal of catchy as hell hard rock that you can blast and sing along to all day long, with great vocals and no disposable track.

From the beginning, you get an energetic riff that really gets you into it. Then there's the singer's unique voice and huge energy, and this catchy and lovable chorus which says that rock'n roll ain't pretty, but still a good fun. Everything about "Rock'n Roll Ain't Pretty" makes it a potential hit that could conquer the world. It's my song! As the band explained in an interview, rock is not ugly in a bad way, but it's something full of life that grabs you completely. Life is not always pretty, but entertaining. And this is, in my opinion, a perfect description of rock and metal in general. Really, that's one of the songs that marked me the most in my entire (admittedly short) life.

Again, this is one of those albums full of great hard rock tracks and nothing to throw away. Everything brings you energy and needs to be blasted. Nothing is boring. While not as memorable as "Rock'n Roll Ain't Pretty", the two other songs are still rather entertaining. They are still easily stuck in your head. They are also great showcases for vocalist Terry O' Leary. She has a voice that can go very high and do a lot of strange sounds, but it's always charming and very powerful. She's your perfect, full of energy, rock front woman.

As you can tell from my somewhat fangirl gushing review, I fell in love with this band, their memorable and lovable tunes and their great and unusual vocals. Now, I'm not sure if they are indispensable in every music fan's life (after all, they never were as successful as Girlschool and Vixen, without mentioning their male counterparts), but they're what you need if you need to rock out.