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Izund > The Ancient Spirits Howl > Reviews
Izund - The Ancient Spirits Howl

IZUND ''The Ancient Spirits Howl'' Extreminal ! - 70%

sinoman1, September 9th, 2011

Inhuman Homicide Records - 2011 - Egypt

“The Ancient Spirits Howl” is the second release from the one- man brutal death act, Alhussain Sherif. Hailing from Egypt, Alhussain shows he can do it all with Izund. From handling all the instruments and vocals, to recording and producing, I have to say that I am impressed.

The intro begins as an instrumental piece with just a shadow of a middle-eastern feel to it before he lets loose with pure savagery on the titletrack. “Blood is Life” chugs along at a melancholy pace with more of Alhussain’s brutal vocals. “Drowned in the Nile” has a great guitar rhythm while “Until I’m Fed” holds a heavy Nile influence to it. The closer “Abyss of Blood” plows through with pure speed, pummeling drums and Alhussain’s punishing vocals

The recording and mix is not top notch quality, the bass is practically drowned out but again, the fact that he did this all himself is pretty impressive. It’ll be interesting to hear him a couple years down the road when he has some more experience under his belt. So far it’s pretty damn brutal!