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Good Metal from Singapore - 80%

VeryEvilScreenName, April 28th, 2005

Not going to give a massive review on this because A)It is short. B)There's only 2 tracks. C)Listening is self explanatory and going beyond that, IE, putting into words is pretty difficult and damn right pointless.

Firstly, you whack it on, and you hear the crackles of the record and the first thing you hear, is a note played on a Piano which then drops onto feedback and an odd keyboard backing after 20 seconds, it sounds very awkward and you're not sure what to expect. Then the keyboard shuts the fuck up and on about 40 seconds it drops straight into this old school Death Metal sound, very up tempo, pretty fast. Kind of typical of taking that energy and speed fresh from Thrash Metal straight into 90s Death. At this point, it's very good. The vocals are very simple, not fantastic, but not bad at all, kind of suiting the music perfectly. Don't be fooled by the Musical Description of this band, they're far from "Technical" in the modern sense of the word. IE, extremely hard to play, with many notes etc. They're "Technical" in the sense they know how to play their instruments and have great "Technique" in song writing (which is something I think a LOT of the planet confuse themselves with. IE, they confuse the word "hectic" with "Technical" etc). Despite this being good shit, there are only a few tempo changes in this first song. IE, it gets a little slower and then faster again, haha. Not sure I agree with the solo 3:45 in, though I have full respect for it's discretion and it's quite rapscallion nature. The Song ends after 4 minutes and a half, decent length for a song.

Now, Side B, that same lovely crackle of the record that I NEVER get bored of hearing. Which then drops into a weird tempo which obvious has a build-up intro feel to it. Which then again, has the same formula as the first song, and drops into decent speedy Death Metal 40 seconds in. Very good. The tempo dies just short of 2 minutes, sounds great. Not sure I agree with the solo 2:20 in, but that's my opinion, pretty sure most metalheads would enjoy it for themselves, which is invariably more important than my "opinion" as far as their "pleasure" from the solo might be concerned. I like 3:25 in on the song, an unnoticed riff is great, this is, after all, a badly produced Vinyl, therefore, it's a pretty decent record. I dig it.

I've been pretty generous with the rating, because I think this record perfectly sets out to be what it actually is. Just a simple 2-track 7'' Demo. Not Musically astounding, but setting the grounds as decent Metal. Glad to see not so popular countries within the Metal scene getting involved with Metal. Good for them. \m/

Not the "Technical" band you were hoping for, but all fans of early 90s DM, really should see if they can get a hold of this decent record.