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A Change From Where they Started - 89%

IrishDeathgrip, May 7th, 2007

Alright, so, it's not metal necessarily, but I also enjoy metalcore or post-hardcore or hardcore or whatever core you wish to call it. And It Dies Today is (or was, until Sirens) one of my favorite bands from the past 10 years because, lets face it, not alot of worthwhile stuff is surfacing in the mainstream.

This album, when I first heard it, disappointed me. You see, I originally listened to It Dies Today when Forever Scorned came out, or the year after. I enjoyed it, because it seemed to me like a modern metal album with plenty of slow breakdowns and clean singing thrown in every few songs for good measure. The Caitiff Choir seemed dominated by clean singing and had less noticable breakdowns. They were more choppy and rushed.

Well, I listened more and more, and realized that this is a great album. Not metal, per se, but heavy enough to keep me interested from a ___Xcore listeners standpoint. The clean singing, admittedly, takes some getting used to and there are some points (the beginning of Marigold, the chorus of marigold, all parts of Marigold but the breakdown) that really just don't do it for me. (See also: Naenia). But then there comes songs like Depravity Waltz that I just can't get around. Every time I see the album laying around, I have to pop it in and listen (there is nothing pure in this world... the human race wiped a....WAAAAY!!!)

So, I give it a clean 89, B+ average, because it's good enough, but also has its weak points. And I will say this... Love it or hate it... it's better than 'Sirens'

A good buy for a metalcore fan. - 85%

Jubbin, January 18th, 2006

A very long time ago, my friend has shown me some song by a band called It Dies Today. The was was titled "Severed Ties Yield Severed Heads." I liked the song a lot, but never thought much of it. Then I bought the Ozzfest 10th Anniversary DVD and It Dies Today was on there. I ended up downloading a few more songs and loved them all. Instantly, I bought the album.

It Dies Today is bascially metalcore, with mildly emo lyrics. Usually, I'm totally against emo, but the emo singing mixed with harsh vocals and heavy riffs really make me forget all about my hatred for emo and remember my love for metal.

Not only does It Dies Today rock real hard with their riffs, they can suck you right in with their clean, well sung choruses that get you humming it all day long. I really enjoy this album, and if you're even a slight fan of metalcore, just give it a shot.

Decent, but they are capable of better. - 82%

PhilHMF, May 17th, 2005

In the ever so popular growing genre of Metalcore it's really hard to find any more bands that tend to stick out, and make their definite mark in the genre. It Dies Today stands out just a little bit from the rest, but they have a lot of room to improve on their next CD.

The Caitiff Choir is a pretty good album as a whole, but just isn't as heavy as their previous music, and is often way too emo at times. Their are a few songs that make up for the albums lack in 'heavy' and that would be the opener song 'My Promise' and moving down the list to 'A Threnody For Modern Romance'.

Talent wise, the music and the harsh screaming and soft singing are their, but they just don't mesh as well as they could have (like they did on previous CD's). I don't know if It Dies Today got lazy and just wanted to make a few quick bucks, or if they have just decided to tone down their music, because thats what they wanted to do... but somthing about this album just doesn't quite give you the full It Dies Today experience that they are capable of offering.

Good album, great band, a CD worth picking up by any It Dies Today fan, and looked into by any Metalcore fan.

Songs to look for :
1. My Promise
2. A Threnody For Modern Romance
3. Severed Ties Yield Severed Heads
4. The Radiance
5. The Depravity Waltz

Score - 8.2 / 10

Enjoyable - 85%

Justin_Bork, December 27th, 2004

It Dies Today's debut The Caitiff Choir is an enjoyable album, nothing overly special. It Dies Today specializes and a type of Melodic Metalcore. You can hear a range of influence here. Thrash, NWOBHM, Gothenburg and Hardcore. So as you can probably tell already, It Dies Today stands out from their peers.

It Dies Today has a nack for catchy song writing. A lot of the riffs and chorus' really stick in your mind. I've found myself humming the melody of the chorus' at times. It's fun to listen to above all. The production however, is pretty alright, sounds clear, except at higher volume levels, becomes a bit 'noisy' and irritating, so a moderate volume does this album well. It Dies Today's vocalist also has a good soaring clean voice, adding melody and flare to the songs. This is best heard on songs; "The Radiance", "A Threnody for Modern Romance", & "Marigold". The interesting thing about It Dies Today is that they don't use the expected clean soaring chorus in every song, there's a good 4-5 songs which are completely sung in harsh vocals.

The songs here are fun and enjoyable to listen to, a few of them are even party worthy, a couple of them never seem to catch fire and sound almost filler. But the gems here, are excellent. Namely "A Threnody for Modern Romance", a high flying song with melodic leads, extremely catchy chorus and a nice solo, unquestionably the albums highlight. Other notables "Marigold" and "Freak Gasoline Fight Accident" follow after, which means the middle holds the heat of the album.

It Dies Today aren't as brutal as your average Metalcore band, but they're slightly more technical, as I said, they blend genres effortlessly. Fun music, I recommend it.