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How the fuck did these guys get on the Archives? - 1%

Rhapsorizon, March 18th, 2007

These guys are not metal. These guys are, I'd almost go as far to say, Hardcore emo punk. Predominantly more punk/emo than anything remotely metal. I honestly do not know how these dipshits managed to remain on the Archives, and I'd say the credibility of the moderators could be questionable simply for the fact that bands like this horrid ensemble manage to even be accepted into the Archives.

However, I'm not here to bitch out the Moderators, I love the moderators, I'll probably marry one, one day (like hell). But no, I'm here to dissect this atrocious album.


The vocals are anything you'd expect from an emo/punk hardcore band: Whiny, excessively emo and monotonous, the typical no-vibrato, long-held singing that just makes you reminisce on the abomination that is Simple Plan, and then bludgeon your own head with a concrete slab. The remote low-screams here and there would make one think to be an improvement of some kind, but no, all the screaming does is further anally-expell the fact that the style is accentuantly more emo-screamo-hardcore. As soon as you hear the clean vocals, you can convict instantaneously that it is NOT metal of any sort, it is a cross between punk, emo and hardcore. I don't know how many times I have to say it before it's clear, but fuck, this is NOT METAL!


The drums are anything you'd expect from a typical, almost, wannabe-mallcore band: Constantly breaking down with crappy, cloned double-kick, and far from interesting. The alternations, if any, are not apparent in any way, but instead, the mix of the album is clouded with boring, unoriginal drum beats that you would expect to find in any punk band.


I can almost hear that there are guitar riffs in this album, but I'm not sure...If there are riffs, they are far too similar to the sound of my grandmother getting vaginally-pounded by a 900-kilo Walrus than riffing. From what I can decipher amongst the EXTREMELY, annoyingly boring drum beats, and the sissy, whiney emo vocals, is that the riffing is possibly the most unoriginal I've ever heard. I've listened to Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, Disturbed, Fear Factory and the sound of Goatse's rectum getting stretched open(!) in the past, and I'd have to say that consolidated, with the addition of lame, uninteresting "melodic" leads and emo/punk-influenced progressions, you pretty much have the guitars on the album "Sirens" by It Dies Today. Crap. Pure, undisinfected, monotonous, unoriginal, vomit-inducing crap.

This album should have been aborted while they were making it, but then again, the band has never been good anyway.

This album sucks balls, but I reccomend it to anyone who likes Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Bullet for my Valentine, The Cure, My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold, Simple Plan, Hoobastank, Rage Against The Machine, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Slipknot, Hawthorne Heights, Celine Dion, Madonna and Britney Spears.

I think you get the picture.

Captain Hook - 95%

Justin_Bork, August 19th, 2006

It so fantastic when a band releases a debut album you love, but shows room for improvment, then releases their sophmore album and totally grows in every aspect in which they needed to grow. It's so fufilling, and It Dies Today does just that. Their core sound still exists, the NWOBHM blended with elements of Gothenburg and Hardcore but they also add a new element on this album; Groove. Some Pantera/Machine Head riffs are thrown in from time to time, but it's hardly consistant, just a new aspect of their sound in 2006. Another change in their sound is that clean vocals are used much more heavily, every song on this album has either a clean verse or a soaring chorus. New aditions aside, you still get the same; leads, soaring guitar lines, solos and all that good stuff.

On top of their genre blending style, It Dies Today have one hidden weapon that makes them oh so great, they can write hooks like nobodies business. It's amazing how consistantly they have great hooks song after song. With most bands, it's one really good hook, and the next few songs will either have sub-par attempts at hooks, or none at all, but It Dies Today nails them, song after song for a very uplifting and refreshing listen. If you can get into this band, these hooks will be in your head in no time. Back in 2004, I would have sworn this band was never going to top their debut, I mean how does a band top a song like 'A Threnody for Modern Romance'? well, It Dies Today certaintly have done it, and then some.

In conclusion, If you're looking for a metal album full of really catchy songs and something to sing along to, this is your best bet. Their musicianship skills aside, this bands best quality is undoubtfully their ability to write fun and catchy songs. This will end up in my top 5 of 2006 I'm sure! They may not be the most metal 'I'lll rip your face off" band you've ever heard, but they're a great band if you're in the mood for something softer or more reflective...or just suffering from ear fatigue from blasting the new Vader and Suffocation at loud volumes.

Recomended Listening: A Constant Reminder, A Port in Any Storm, Damsel of Death,