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Isis - The early days - 85%

damaramou, January 15th, 2005

Fans of Isis’ later works may find this EP quite surprising, shocking even. There are none of those wonderfully melodic and light guitar riffs, or quiet passages, neither is there sound as progressive. But this isn’t a bad thing; this EP is similar in sound to Celestial, but overall it’s much dirtier, with a really thick sludgy sound that makes this EP quite a heavy and intense listen, especially compared to Panopticon or Oceanic.

The first element that will strike you is the jarring, twisted, razor sharp riffs that go straight for the jugular. The guitars are constantly jamming away and you can clearly hear that layered, interwoven sound that Isis has now perfected. Underneath the guitars is a very sludgy and thick bass line that gives the music its dirty sound, it can be heard throughout the EP clearly and really makes the music flow really nicely.

Backing this all up is some very strong drumming, whilst not overly complex, it’s no where near as repetitive as the drum work on Isis’ later albums can be. The drummers pace is generally faster than in modern day Isis, but never goes above mid-tempo.

Vocal wise, Aaron turners drowned out vocals are as savage as ever, and are prevalent throughout most songs, which is certainly a good thing as I’ve always thought he’s a great vocalist. He definitely sounds much more pissed than on there later works.

So basically, what we have here is a rawer, sludgier, and less repetitive Isis, that goes straight for the throat and doesn’t let go until the tracks done, as opposed to the calming, soothing sound on there recent releases. Some samples from Natural born killers are used as intros for some of the song, which makes a nice change from the usual horror movie samples I’m generally used too (being a big brutal DM fan). Fans of this EP should also check out the Mosquito control EP, as it’s even rawer than this one.