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Not really worth tracking down. - 60%

caspian, September 24th, 2006

Isis have a habit of making you look for a lot of their releases.. All the live series are out of print (I think, anyway), all the Oceanic Remix LPs are hard to find, but the hardest one to find (at least as far as I can tell,) is this one. This one is rarely on Ebay and when it is, it commands fairly high prices. To most people, I would just recommend you download it like I did, as a quick look round the net will find it for you. I just don't think it's really worth the pain of actually getting it, because only half of the album is really worth listening.

The first track and the last track both aren't all that good. Emission of the Signal would make a decent interlude, if it was shorter.. It's just the repetition of one riff, with a short break in the middle. It would be cool if it was shortened to one minute, treated with tonnes of effects and put in the middle of Celestial.. But instead, it's 5 minute long, and the first track of an EP. EP's should not have interludes. House of Low Culture, the final track, is a mammoth and actually fairly cool ambient bit, sounding at times like a more accessible Sunn O))), droning away for eleven minutes, with some sound effects coming in and out of the mix. It's actually fairly cool, but it will severely test the patience of most people. The piano/keys at the end are fairly nice though, but it's an anti-climatic way to finish this EP.

The middle two tracks are a Godflesh cover and a Black Sabbath cover, and are probably the best two tracks here. The Streetcleaner cover is massive. The guitars are distorted almost to the point of static, the riffs are massive, pounding beasts with dissonant, higher pitched guitars adding to the sheer nastiness of the track. The vocals are hugely evil, low pitched and distorted. It's by far the heaviest thing Isis have ever done, and few bands would be able to match this song's hugeness. It's quite hard to really describe just how heavy this song is. This is followed up by Hand of Doom, which is a fairly good Sabbath cover, though it's not up to the Godflesh cover. Aaron Turner actually does a fairly decent job of singing Ozzy's vocals, but all in all, it's an just an ok cover.. nothing amazing.

So it's hard for me to recommend this. The Godflesh cover is awesome, the Black Sabbath cover is ok and so is House of Low Culture. 1 awesome song, 2 ok songs and 1 bad song. Not worth the money and time to track down. Worth downloading, though.