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A great compilation - 98%

TheBigDizzle, August 9th, 2004

Here we have the first bigger release from Isengard, Vinterskugge. This was an absolute great idea, to combine the first 3 demos for all to hear. It makes it a lot easier since demos can be hard to get sometimes, hail Fenriz for his great music making.

The first demo 'Vandreren', starts out folky with the title track Vinterskugge, this is a great song, it has some catchy riffs and Fenriz' vocals are great as usual with the operatic sound. It then goes into a good instrumental track which fades out soon after it starts and then comes back in and gets a little more complex, it's a nice track to listen to. The cd then completely changes gears and goes black metal with 'Ut i Vannets dyp Hvor Morket Hviler', this is a good black metal track with the standard black metal riffs and drumming and it is nice to have a variety. The rest of this cd basically follows this trend of going from more folky sounding songs to black metal to folk black metal and instrumentals. It is definetly one of the cd's strengths that it is able to be so diverse that it never gets boring.

All the instrument playing on this cd is fantastic, Fenriz plays every single instrument like a pro, when he plays guitar he uses simple but effective riffs that are catchy and could even get you dancing the odd time. His drumming is pretty standard but it gets the job done and fits the music, this goes the same for the bass too, it's standard, but a great kind of standard.

For Fenriz, the production on this cd is fairly clear. All the instruments are well heard, in comparison to Darkthrone or even the cd that followed this release 'Høstmørke', it is definetly great to be able to hear everything so well.

Fans of Darkthrone or folk black metal would do well to pick this up, when Isengard was active, I believe Isengard was at the top of the genre, Høstmørke was a little better than this, but this is still great none the less, If you can find it, get it.