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Long live Isengard! - 86%

KayTeeBee, October 28th, 2004

Isengard is a one man band, who plays FOLK black metal. This contains some awesome riffage, awesome drums, etc. But what sets this album apart is that it feels SO fucking medieval. Folk metal usually makes me picture folklore, most of the time. However, when I heard this release, I could easily picture anything medieval, like fights or whatever. The first thing that made me think " whoa...medieval" is the vocals. They're not your usual black metal vocals. They're low-pitched melodic vocals, and believe me, they will probably sound like nothing you've heard before.

The most medieval song on this is undoubtably I Ei Gran Borti Nordre Asen (whatever that means...). It starts out with a simple melody played by some
keyboard, and then he starts singing on a very low tone. The whole song feels like an interlude though, since it has no drums or bass, and it's shorter than most other songs on this album. I also have to mention Landet og Havet, which is just him singing. This one also sound very medieval, especially when he introduces the high and low vocals in the same time.

It's that simple, this is probably the closest to medieval an album will ever get. Recommended to both black and folk metal fans.