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Skull crusher!!! - 90%

ImpaletheCunt, May 14th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2000, CD, Massacre Records

If you are only ever going to release only one full length album in your career, then here are the blueprints on how to fucking do it. Isegrim are a nothing band, yet some 2 decades ago they pulled off the impossible. They signed to a titan powerhouse label, namely Massacre records, and wrote a fucking classic of note. This album has not faded by time nor dust and has stood the infernal test of time. Allow me to sing its hellish praises for the uninitiated

There are two Isegrim bands hailing from Germany, the one totally sucks and then you get these serpent mongrels. This is second wave black metal at its finest and most wicked. It has blast sections, mid-paced scorn and unbelievable song writing. The only thing I can flaw on this release is the artwork, tell me that doesn't look like a fuck-fest of Falkor's evil cousins from The Never-Ending Story. This has cheese written all over it. Good for a laugh yet highly entertaining

A. Blackwar is the mastermind behind this lost treasure and his vocal delivery is scathing. Black metal shrieks over-layed with death metal grunts is on offer here and it slays. It adds another level to the album and is impressive and when the war chants of "it’s a fistfuck of black metal' arrive you will be bouncing off the walls like Gruffi after a keg of gummi berry juice. Dashing and daring, this album is raging and blaring. Deal with that your Dukie-ness

Songs vary in length quite a bit and can almost reach the 9-minute mark. The guitar attacks are what make this album. Kvehlor and Zenturion combine well together and throw down the gauntlet. Zenturion's rhythm section lays the base as Kvehlor launches the lead work assault which this album has in abundance. Soldur is on the drum kit and thrashes away with enough drum rolls, speed and dexterity to keep you mesmerized. This album released when Hanna Montanna was still swimming in Daddy's ball sack while he yodelled on about his achy breaky fucking heart. I'd like to stab that motherfucker with the inverted crucifix of mighty Lucifer. Then, and only then will Satan be pleased

Try tracking this one down. Timeless. Venomous. Classic

Buy or die!!!