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I Stand Corrected - 93%

MetalMinion, April 16th, 2006

I originally stated that Dark Assualt was my favorite Savior album and then I went back listen to this one a bit and realised I was wrong. This is Iron Savior finest moment to date but Dark isn't far behind. For you people that haven't heard this band your in for a real treat because Iron Savior are one of the best bands in metal today. Lke to describe Savior's sound is very much in the vein of Painkiller era Priest.

Most fans would agree and I personally see nothing wrong with it. Don't rip off Priest perse but they make that style their own. It really works and I would dare to say it ever better than most bands that do the same style of speed metal. Amazing solo's and aggressive riffing is what you'll find on Unifacation.
The album has many great tracks but the sons tend slow down a bit at the end of the record.

But nothing to worry about but anyways my favorite song "Coming Home" which is the opener and also which is kinda a intro song but a damn good one. Piet is a great vocals and his siniging here is just amazing. The chorus is catchy and catchy is means you know how to write interesting music, which is always a plus.

"Starborn" is a nice follow up song similar Savior sound and make excellent song to play to someone who's never heard Iron Savior. I love riffing through this album and this song is got great guitar work. I would also like to mention the cover song of "Neonknights" this is how to cover a classic. It's a little faster, more tempo and Piet makes it his own. Very well done indeed.

I personally like all the songs here not really a bad moment even for the slower ones. This band also great for cruisin music I always enjoy popping this cd in and going out on the road, I don't maybe it's just me. So if you need some good crusin speed metal pick this up. This would be well suited for fans of Gamma Ray, Running Wild, Paragon, and Judas Priest. One best speed metal albums I own, highly recommended.