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A fun ride with little to no innovation - 82%

Gintoki, May 23rd, 2014

After 3 years Iron Savior have once again released a new album. And while it's quite a time, big changes are nowhere to be found. Ever since "Condition Red" the band has stuck to the same formula resulting in decent albums but with very little variation. Gone is the magic of the first three albums which had a mystic space-like aura surrounding them. While the beginning of this review sounds like a nostalgic view in to the past where no hope is left to save this album this isn't actually true. "Rise of the Hero" is probably the best Iron Savior album since the aforementioned "Condition Red", which isn't quite hard.

Strong points of this album include the epic "Last Hero", with a chorus so strong to bring manly tears out of everyone, the ultra-fast double-bass hymn "From Far Beyond Time" which sounds a bit like "Titans of our Time" while still sounding very fresh and keeping one pumped up, aswell as the preview song "Burning Heart".
"Iron Warrior" delivers on the heavier side, opening with riffs so razorsharp that they might cut your veins when you hear them the first time.

Unfortunately the second half of the album seems to be weaker than the first, a phenomena which is quite frequent in the music industry with all the slow paced songs being placed there. Not that slow songs are bad but they should have mixed them through the album to help with the variety.

The cover version of "Dance with Somebody" seems to be getting a lot of shit from the majority of the reviewers and while I think it's unfitting of a metal album I have to say that I still enjoyed it and would take it over the original version everytime.

One shouldn't expect something fresh when buying IS cds nowadays, but atleast one shouldn't also be disappointed as the band around Piet Sielck is always sailing in safe waters. This album is enjoyable for every power metal fan as it doesn't have the over the top clichee flowers while still preserving the melodic side of metal, though in a very riff oriented way.