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Another Solid Release from an Overlooked Band - 94%

darkreif, May 24th, 2007

Iron Savior doesn't get nearly enough credit for the aggressive power metal they play. Always a shadow in the mighty Gamma Ray and Helloween, Iron Savior have put out just as many powerful and amazing albums as either. Megatropolis is justification to this claim.

Another amazing release, Megatropolis, holds its own with any power metal band. Its aggressive nature brings a little thrash tendency to so of the music but in the end its undeniably a solid and well written album. Very few albums get better towards the end and this is one of them. As the album continues the stakes are raised higher and higher.

The guitar work as said before does have a slight lean towards a thrash sound. A good solid basis on riffs helps with that sound. There are plenty of power chords to go around like any great power metal record but there are some killer headbangers in the guitar work. The leads are well complimenting to the structure of the music and both guitars are well adapted to fast and clean fret work. The solos are very much that Judas Priest trade off fashion where one guitar will solo followed by the second guitar and in the end coming together flawlessly.

The bass and drum work are well composed and work well with the music. While other power metal bands use the drums to keep the pace when the guitars do a melodic section, Iron Savior doesn't really need that on Megatropolis. The guitars are quick enough and the music isn't as melodic to require a heavy dependency on the drum and bass work as grounding. The bass work is good with the bass being the solid structure and foundation for a lot of the songs.

The vocals are a strong on Megatropolis. The darker tone to the vocals (as compared to most of the falsettos in power metal today) really fit well with the music. Having a second singer as a backing vocalist also adds quite a bit of dynamic to the vocal tracks. The singing is also quite varied on the album (there is even a section of spoken German...?) and will keep the attention of most metal fans.

There was a lot of speculation on whether or not Iron Savior would survive after Kai Hansen left the band in 2001. This has since been proven absurd with every release and Megatropolis is nothing different for the band. Another amazing and solid release that is most likely going to be overlooked.

Songs to check out: Megatropolis, Cyber Hero, Still I Believe.