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Another great release from Iron Savior! - 76%

PowerMetalGuardian, July 17th, 2007

I have been a bit hesitant to own, yet even listen to an Iron Savior album without Kai Hansen. Iron Savior with Kai Hansen was one of the top power metal bands, how could they fair without him? Well since Iron Savior came out with a new album, I decided to check it out, and overall it’s not bad. It has its good moments and not so good moments.

When I put the album on, I thought I had put on Unification at first! The guitar riff is similar to the style on Unification. The distortion even sounds the same, which is cool because it gives the band its own distinct sign. The album continues in the fashion until we reach Cybernatic Queen. Like a brick flying at your head you are hit and remember how cheesy power metal lyrics can get. The song is about a cyborg whore basically, and how men can get trapped in her lust! What the hell? It’s the lyrics of a 80s metal band meets 2099. Anyway, the next bad mistake is to name the next song Cyber Hero. I think I’ve had enough cyber thank you!

On one hand, I see Iron Savior using the same formula they have used for years, which works. On the other hand I see an Iron Savior that is trying to be too much like other power metal bands. Some of the songs sound Edguy influenced while some sound like Blind Guardian. For example the vocals on A Tale from Down Below sound like Hansi is singing the song. Most of the other songs however show a decrease in Sielck’s style. When with Kai Hansen, Sielck used to whip out these matching screams, now he sounds guttural and scratchy almost. The guitars are pretty cool. They offer the usual pattern of structured power chords and insane solos, none really jump out at you –like old Iron Savior, but then again Hansen was writing that stuff so of course it was good.

Overall, it’s not a bad album. If you are a fan of Iron Savior you should get this. If you like power metal you should get this. The highlights are the fast paced Megatropolis and Running Riot, with the more modern paced Cyber Hero. Don’t forget the Primal Fear sounding A Tale from Down Below! It’s not best album of 2007, or the best power metal album ever – far from it – but it is ok for what it is worth.