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The Electric Eye is happy - 80%

The_Boss, April 13th, 2008

Consisting of 4 songs, I primarily looked for this in search of their cover of the infamous Judas Priest song, The Hellion/Electric Eye; being one of my favorites from the legendary band and knowing how well Iron Savior does at creating awesome speed/power metal I yearned to hear the cover. Right from the get go I noticed how great Piet Sielck does as usual on an Iron Savior record with vocal duties. Obviously no Rob Halford he still does a spectacular job making it his own song with passes with flying colors doing as well as anyone could ask for mimicking Halford. Being the highlight on the album Electric Eye is a great cover of a legendary band and Iron Savior hits the nail on the head with everything from the notable The Hellion intro to the awesome melodic solo.

The rest of the single consists of a Krokus cover, Headhunter, which is another classic cover that Iron Savior kicks ass with all around the block. Showcasing a memorable solo that shreds my ears off each time I listen, obviously better than the original! You’ll be yelling “Headhunter!” before you know it listening to this; and check out the awesome high note Piet manages to pull of at the end.

Never Say Die and the title track are songs that are to be found on the album Dark Assault also being Kai Hansen’s last time with the band. Always a highlight on any material he records with Hansen and Sielck do an awesome job on guitar duties with speedy and tight as ever guitar riffs that in traditional Iron Savior fashion stick to classic heavy/speed metal roots. Both tracks are excellent giving an insight to the next album, both are also probably the highlights off that album. I challenge you not to sing along with the title track! Both are tremendous attempts at continuing the Iron Savior tradition of classic and powerful metal with excellent musicianship. I strongly recommend finding this for the Judas Priest and Krokus covers alone as Piet and gang do a great job; if the covers were on the subsequent full length Dark Assault, this would be an unnecessary release, but instead they opted with a different Priest cover, so I've Been To Hell is worthy in your collection.