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Fair effort - 59%

Human666, February 22nd, 2016

'Battering Ram' is a decent power metal album with some unoriginal moments that occur too often. The title track, which is also the best track in this album, has an almost perfectly identical chorus to Blind Guardian's Into the Storm, which kind of disappoints me every time I listen to this track, because it surely has some catchy riffs, and it ends up sounding almost like a rip-off in the chorus. 'Heavy metal powered man' also begins with a riff that sounds too similar to Iron Maiden's Two Minutes to Midnight and really makes me wonder if they haven't noticed such a prominent resemblance before releasing this one. Besides that, this album is mostly okay, although quite uninspiring.

The production is quite good. The guitars have a solid, crunchy tone that serves well the fast paced aggressive riffs. Piet Sielck has a ballsy baritone voice and a nice timbre that compensate for his somewhat limited vocal range. The drumming is powerful and dynamic yet somehow conservative. The songs are mostly going through the motions yet ends up sounding enjoyable.

Overall, there's not much to dissect in this album. Iron Savior are mostly keeping it safe in familiar territories and eventually succeeding in creating a fair album that can fit well in any hard rock pub or gym session, but nothing more than that. There's nothing epic or exciting in this album, yet it is what I would describe as 'happy go lucky', harmless power metal. The catchiest tracks in this album are probably the title track (which has a somewhat problematic chorus as I've already mentioned), 'Stand The King' and 'Wings Of Deliverance', which both have some groovy riffs and enjoyable vocal melodies. Anyway, fans of power metal will probably fond the better moments of this one.