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Power Metal The Burns The Flower - 90%

Flamos, January 16th, 2009

Want some great speedy power metal? Well, you’ve come to the right place. “Battering Ram” by Iron Savoir is simple, but extremely effective. Nothing here is original, but that’s not important. What’s important is the music itself, right? It begins with the title track and you’ll instantly realize what you’re in for. Speedy tracks with very catchy hooks and riffs. Yens Leonhardt’s bass playing is audible here and gives a good crunch to the music. Thomas Nack’s drum playing is consistently great. “Tyranny of Steel” is a good example for both players. “Wings of Deliverance” has Martian Christian (From the band Paragon) on guitars. Who overall is a great player, and he shows it on this song, which has more of an epic chorus than any other track here. “Riding Free” is power metal at it’s finest. Thomas Nack plays his heart out and the overall speed it enticing. “Starchaser” has more of the fantasy aura around it, which will make the natural power fans happy. “H.M Powered Man” is the anthem here, and it’s extremely well done. Catchy as hell with great vocals.

Speaking of vocals, Piet Sielck does a fantastic job here. He may not have the best range on planet earth, but his unique voice is a perfect fit here. His guitar playing isn’t shabby either. Joachim "Piesel" Kustner has some amazing skills and can pull of some unbelievable guitar feats; the guitar playing overall is just great. The musicianship here is immense, and it shows.

“Time Will Tell” is the only bummer on this album; it’s just not as interesting as everything else. The production is also a little spotty, but it’s not the vast to cause any serious problems. If you like heavy and power metal, you must own this. Iron Savoir is one of the most underrated bands in metal history, they should be recognized. “Battering Ram” is an album that works in every aspect. Sure it’s not something new and revolutionary, but it’s always nice to stick with a working formula. Plus it isn't power metal that talks about wizards and dragons. Which is a good break, right?