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Iron Reagan > Take the Fall > Reviews
Iron Reagan - Take the Fall

Overlooked gem - 87%

kluseba, December 17th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2017, 7" vinyl, Relapse Records (Flexi-disc, Red vinyl)

Take the Fall was an exclusive single recorded by American crossover thrash metal quintet Iron Reagan that wouldn't be included on the upcoming full length release Crossover Ministry. However, the song would be included on a split release with death metal band Gatecreeper more than a year later. If you have the chance to pick up the latter release instead of this one, you should definitely go for it.

''Take the Fall'' is actually one of the best songs the band has written so far and should have been included on a regular studio record in my opinion. The song has the anger, attitude and speed of other Iron Reagan songs but the track manages to slow down at appropriate moments to make for a quite diversified and entertaining listening experience with a length of nearly two and a half minutes which is rather long by the band's own standards. The gang shouts are particularly energizing this time around. The actual highlight of the song is the extended melodic heavy metal guitar solo towards the end that actually proves that the band can't only crank up the speed and volume but that it has great musicianship as well.

Iron Reagan fans should definitely listen to and purchase ''Take the Fall'', either in form of this limited single release or in form of the split with Gatecreeper released fourteen months later. Thanks to its diversity and especially due to a great guitar solo, this is one of the band's greatest songs to date. Crank up the volume and enjoy it to the fullest.