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Cool cover, superb live track and another rarity - 89%

morbert, February 25th, 2010

Of all the rare songs and non-album tracks from the Di’Anno era ‘Invasion’ is one of my favourites. In contrast to songs like Sanctuary, Twilight Zone and Burning Ambition, ‘Invasion’ is even more compact but embodies what early Iron maiden were about in a compressed form. All elements are there including hooks, melodies and changes in pace.

Just like ‘I‘ve Got The Fire’ earlier, Iron Maiden take the chance to make a rock song sound metal. This time we’ve got the Shyhook’s cover ‘Women In Uniform’ which once again sounds perfect in the hands of Maiden. Di’Anno’s voice is capable of singing metal as well as real raw rock. The leatherclad video (with Dennis Stratton already feeling out of place here) still is fun to watch after all these years.

And what can we say about the live version of ‘Phantom Of The Opera’. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot Nicko McBrain has done for and with Maiden but this song only sounded perfect and fast enough in the hands of Clive Burr. Here we can really hear how good this boy actually was and the extra drive he could give this band.

There is not a single bad note here, the performance is stellar and all songs are great. Everything just makes sense and I still feel the need to pick up the needle and play the EP again after all these years. One of my all time favourite Maiden EP’s and not without reason.