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Disappointment - 60%

yanosh, February 22nd, 2004

Disappointment - this is what I felt when I listened to this single.
I already knew what wildest dreams is but I expected much more from the b-side and the blood brothers mix.

01. Wildest Dreams - easily to weakest track on iron maiden's newest album, dance of death.
In this track Iron Maiden tried to repeat to success of the wicker man single but although I never considered the wicker man a classic and original maiden song, wildest dreams is in no way as good as the wicker man is.
the rhythm is good but the chorus is simply ridiculous.

02. Pass The Jam - not a usual iron maiden song. sounds more like a jam (duh). The true is that this is a very avarage song which holds nothing exciting musically.
There are only a few iron maiden b-sides that are really as good as the album tracks are (That Girl, Doctor Doctor, All In Your Mind) but this one is not among them.

03. Blood Brothers (Orchestral Mix) - Eh? wtf?! At first I wasn't sure if someone took the brave new world version of blood brothers and put it here.
But after I read the other reviews here I understand that this is exactly what they did.
I couldn't find anything different at any position of the song.
If you found something I'd be happy if you let me know where in the song exactly it is.

I give it 60 because this is still Iron Maiden but the way it stands as a single it doesn't even worth 40.
I can only hope that their newly announced EP, No More Lies, will contain more attractive contents. (at least it seems so by the track listing)
If you're ought this cd for the blood brothers don't buy it.
If you're ought this cd for the b-side don't buy it.
and if you're ought this cd for wildest dreams, then you better go and buy the dance of death album.