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Worst than expected.. - 65%

grim_reaper, September 4th, 2003

I don't know what these guys had in their mind, releasing this single. "Wildest dreams" is a nice song. A classic maiden song, without any special meaning though, that could pass on the new album simply as a good song. Maiden seem not to care about their whole image and release this track with "Pass the Jam", a track that I don't want to comment. Ok, I know that Maiden on their best years had many b-side tracks that were bad, but they also had some killers and some great covers. Let's return to "wildest dreams". It has a nice melodic part and the whole song is built around the chorus. I wouldn't give any money for this one, "Wickerman" was by faaaaaaaar a better single, with catchy riffs and power inside. The single is dissapointing overall but the album has great songs inside. 80 for wildest dreams and 50 for the jam thing. True...