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Dissapointing - 35%

Metal_God, September 1st, 2003

Iron Maiden - the greatest heavy metal band of all time. You can't really argue with that fact. Still sold out arenas around the world, 23 years after their first album. Now it's 2003 and the Dance of Death album is soon being released, but of course there are singles being released. This single I'm going to review is the single that only contains two tracks, "Wildest Dreams" and "Pass the Jam".

Wildest Dreams is the song they played on their 2003 tour. It is in pure Maiden style: Fast and rocky. Wildest Dreams fails though, being too simple. There are no exceptional instrumental efforts or marvelous song writing. The song "lives" on its catchy chorus, which it wont come far with. Maybe you can fool some people with a fine chorus like that, but I think that the rest of the song would have needed something more. This feels more like a simple party rocker, than a memorable Maiden song.

The second track is "Pass the Jam". This song will not be on the full-length album. The only way to get your hands on this "rare" song is to buy a single. On second thoughts, maybe you shouldn't. The song is nothing special at all. It is even worse than WIildest Dreams! Iron Maiden is known (at least by me) to make long epic songs and all of them are very good. Usually they have some kind of depth and really nice song-writing. It feels like they're done with much care. Pass the Jam is 8 minutes long but can't be called an epic song. Not at all. This is just too simple to be this long. It's silly that a song like this should be 8 minutes. What's the deal with that? A simple, poorly written song! The Angel and the Gambler was long (9 minutes) but can't be called an epic song either - but it was pretty cathcy and had a good chorus. "Pass the Jam" hasn't got anything. I hope that they never even thought of placeing this on the real album!

This wasn't at all what I wanted. Two mediocre songs on their single. I certainly hope that "Dance of Death" will be a lot better than this. Otherwise Iron Maiden won't be here for long...