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Maiden sucks at singles nowadays - 60%

Anzuhan, August 31st, 2003

This is the new Iron Maiden single, officially released 1.9 and was available in stores 29.8. It contains one track, Wildest Dreams, from the forthcoming album Dance of Death, and two other tracks, Pass The Jam and Blood Brothers (Orchestral Mix).

While Wildest Dreams, the main track of the single, is a basic Maiden-rocker which means that it is all about speed. Pass the Jam is something which reminds me of Liquid Tension Experiment and its annoying, never-ending improvised songs... and Blood Brothers is boring. Who cares about an orchestral mix from a crappy song anyway?

I would recommend this single only to teh trve fans. There's nothing worth seeing here, really. Wildest Dreams is a decent track, hence the 60% rating, so it is not all that bad... but could have been better.