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Should have been a Live EP - 73%

Fred E Coyote, August 12th, 2014
Written based on this version: 1992, CD, EMI

Ah, "Wasting Love", Iron Maiden's love song from the 1992 album "Fear of the Dark". Quite a different song for Maiden and not a bad song at that. It does the job well, but die-hard Maiden fans might not be so keen, especially those who don't like 90's Maiden. But that song doesn't justify this single, dispite being single material, this song isn't any different on the single, except for a radio edit on a certain American edition. In the US, the single only had two (if your lucky) versions of "Wasting Love", the album version and a single edit. These versions are completely pointless, unless your a collector, in which case, go wild.

However its a different story with the European release. In Europe, the, frankly pointless, single edit is ditched and gives you some things you might actually want to have, "Tailgunner", "Holy Smoke" and "The Assassin", recorded live on the "No Prayer on the Road" tour, not actually available on the "No Prayer for the Dying" remaster, like several other songs from this concert. The live tracks themselves are superb, great performance and well mixed and as they are one of the only sources of live performances from the "No Prayer on the Road" tour, other than the bootleg alternative, they are worth getting a hold of. But that's where things get tricky. When they do come up, these are normally horrifically expensive, £50 is one of the lower prices you could have to pay for one.

So, in conclusion, if you see the one with the live tracks for about 10-15 quid, grab it. Don't bother with the one or two track one with just "Wasting Love" on it, those aren't worth your time.

The live tracks

Don't bother with:
Any version that doesn't have the live tracks or spending more than £20 on it.