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The unforgotten classic. - 95%

hells_unicorn, November 4th, 2006

This single is the brainchild of probably my favorite guitar/songwriter from the 80s, Adrian Smith. The guitar line to the title track of this single is probably one of the most memorable in the realm of metal, and is sort of a rite of passage for any lead guitar player who wishes to tear it up with a band in the metal genre. The chorus is very easy to sing along to and is a regular favorite at live performances.

"Reach Out" is another rare treat, Adrian Smith on vocals with Bruce backing him up. He does an excellent job on the vox, but his strength on this one is his catchy guitar riffs. This song has a solo that is so idomatic that you could easily hum the tune along with it, something that metal guitar solos are not often famous for. "Sheriff of Huddersfield" is a full blown laugh fest, and a bucket of fun, something fairly typical of Maiden's 3rd tracks on their various singles. (Roll Over Vic Vella is a good example).

In conclusion, this single is probably a bit hard to come by at this point, but if you can find it I recommend it highly. It's a great song from Maiden's greatest album, and a pair of tracks that will make you smile and make you laugh, something that metal is allowed to do to people, despite what the no-fun elitists of the darker scene tell you.