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Great Compilation - 90%

Symphony_Of_Terror, March 12th, 2004

This is one of the best compilations on dvd I have seen, if not the best. It offers everything Maiden has done from 1980-2001. It has a ton of great videos. It has alot of the videos for songs that they don't preform live on thier dvd Rock In Rio. So its nice to see a video to those forgotten songs. Like Wasting Love, Stranger in a Strange Land, and Out of a Silent Planet to name a few. It also includes some great classics two.

A few things I had about it are a slow and cumbersome dvd menu screen, which plays part of a song when you move to different options, it gets kinda annoying. Also one thing that really bothered me is that they don't include two great classic live videos I have seen, that is Powerslave and Iron Maiden. It would be nice if they included as well Remember Tomorrow.

Most of the videos on here are pretty good. Fear of the Dark, Stranger in a Strange Land, and Brave New World are the best ones. For a few of the vids the band has their live preformance, then the studio version of the song over it. It would have been nice if they used the live versions, it would have added intensity to it.

Other than these things I can't complain about it. This dvd should be purchased because it has so many classic and great videos on them, some are just so great they give me goose bumps. If you like seeing Maiden preform songs, then get this album, because most of the vids on this dvd are of that. I am taking points off for the dvd menu screen and the few missing tracks I love. But what they did put on here is great.