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crappy song that sucks - 40%

ironasinmaiden, April 19th, 2003

So you're riding low off of a boring album with a tepidly received singer and you decide to release a limited edition single that ranks among your worst material... can somebody say bad idea? I can. Bad idea. There are Maiden fans who consider "Virus" a triumph, some even call it Blaze's shining moment. I don't... it's a boring, unimaginative song with a 6 minute running time... hey just like the entire X Factor album!!!

Basically... there is a really dull acoustic guitar part/bass line that would be better suited for a stoner rock song that drags on for 2 minutes before an incredibly 3 note "chorus" comes in. 4 minutes later a painfully generic melodic bit comes in that sucks harder than several newborns and a transvestite crackwhore.

This pile of steaming horse hockey was on Best of the Beast and has very little worth to anybody but extremely hardcore Maiden fans. Scratch it out of the cd with a quarter or something