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The final downfall - 10%

morbert, May 23rd, 2008

What the flip? There used to be a review of me here. Has it been deleted after a year? With what reason? Must have been a mistake. I’ll immediately write a new one then.

I laughed my ass off when somebody wrote “Fanboys will make you think it's bad”. This album being bad has nothing to do with previous Maiden efforts nor even Blaze. Even if this would have been a debut by a new band, it would have been ignored or even bashed by the media and listeners. Man, even if this would have been a new Wolfsbane album people would have been disappointed!

Why do some people persist in calling this album underrated? Why do you persist in claiming this to be good when even the band themselves ignore this release these days. This is the lowest point in Maiden’s career and certainly not without reason. I’m getting the impression some people claim to like this album just so they could voice a different opinion. Pubescent behaviour?

Now let’s not talk about Blaze. We’ve done that on the previous records. So this time it’s about the quality of the songs. Now there are two songs on this album that actually sound like Iron Maiden. Opener “Futureal” is very short and up tempo. These days (first three reunion albums with Dickinson) I complain about Maiden songs being far too long, in this case we’re talking about a song that is too short! It’s a pretty good tune!

Secondly this album has “The Clansman”. This song is worthy of the Sign Of The Cross, Fear Of The Dark and To Tame a Land legacy. It is an extremely well written epic. Of course the chanting of “Freedom” is too blatantly stolen from Braveheart but when not keeping that movie in mind, it is a very strong song no matter who it sings!

But apart from these two songs every thing falls apart on this album. “The Angel & the Gambler” is the worst song in Maiden history. Yes, this monstrosity is even worse than Wasting Love or Bring Your Daughter. Horrible keyboards, lack of real riffs and an even worse vocal line which is repeating itself a billion times. Old men’s hair metal lasting almost 10 minutes. Somebody should be shot because of this song. And to think it was none other than Steve Harris who wrote this atrocity! When hearing it I thought this must’ve come from Gers and Blaze. Those two did indeed write something hideous here. “Como Estais Amigo” is dull rock. Nothing metal about it. Still could’ve been good, but it is so bloody boring! Not to mention the stupid title.

Well Steve Harris really had an off day here since “Don't Look to the Eyes of a Stranger” is also one of the worst songs here. Just like Angel and The Gambler I can’t recall any other song on which the title is sung so many times. This time it takes 8 minutes to sit through overstretched nonsense.

“When Two Worlds Collide” has a few moments bringing Maiden to mind but as a whole it is a rather generic tune. “Lightning Strikes Twice” and “The Educated Fool” are two meandering songs which would have been too dull even for the X-Factor or Fear Of The Dark.

The album is filled with long and very dull songs that have more of a hardrock feeling to them that the energetic metal Maiden were once famous for. Two good songs cannot save the worst album is Maiden history. Those two songs take this album up to 20 points. However the awful harmless production (where are the guitars? And secondly Gers is sloppier here than ever, just like he’d be on Dance Of Death) and equally dull artwork (although better than The X-Factor) take it down to 10 points. Ouch!

Get "Futureal" and "The Clansman" and forget about the rest, quickly.