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Great titletrack, obsolete B-side - 50%

morbert, February 25th, 2010

Just as we were getting used to Maiden providing us with great B-sides being live versions or rare songs, we are left here with just an original A-side. ‘Twilight Zone’ is a song which originally would have been a regular song on Killers (it can also be found on the American promo 12”) but was omitted eventually.

‘Twilight Zone’ is a mix of Iron Maiden more rock-orientated material such as ‘Drifter’ and ‘Running Free’ with their already crystallised heavy metal sound. Honestly, I always wished they had put this song on Killers instead of that awful ‘Prodigal Son’. The haunting chorus of ‘Twilight Zone’ is true classic Maiden and could have suited any Maiden album.

Now, I can be wrong but wasn’t this single released a month after the release of Killers? If so, I really see no use to include a regular album track as a B-side. A bit of a bummer so the only reason to get this EP is because of the A-side and the cover, which once again is a nice addition to any Derek Riggs’ collection even though the girl’s face and neck are rather masculine.

So 90 points for one great song and artwork, huge deduction for filling up the single with just an album track.