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Average And Unnecessary; Just Get Killers... - 56%

Edward_The_Great, January 3rd, 2009

The Twilight Zone is a bonus track on Iron Maiden’s “Killers”. It starts out well with some memorable guitar riffs and speeding up to what implies a catchy piece of metal, but Di’Anno ruins it with some bland singing that sounds more like rambling to me. Then the chorus is just agh! Di’Anno is trying way to hard here. As cheesy as the expression is, he really sounds like he was pinching his balls here! Thankfully, a dark and distorted solo keep this song from falling apart. The song then repeats, aside from finishing at the end of chorus. Di’Anno’s only good moment here is his last “Can’t you see me!!!” at the end; it sounds very tough. Score: 56%

Nicely enough, Wrathchild, a highlight from ”Killers” is also present on this single . Contrary to Twilight Zone, Di’Anno sounds just plain scary with his angry voice. The bass line is one of Maiden’s best, and the rather dirty guitar tone fits everything perfectly. Score: 95%

Considering the “Killers” album now contains both of these songs, and also the rather bad artwork present on this single, you should just get “Killers”. The album contains better artwork, and much more music. Unless you really love this song, I would ignore this release.