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Metric Ton of Bonus Material - 100%

Symphony_Of_Terror, March 19th, 2004

This box set is perfect if you don't own the Maiden albums here. You get the albums plus bonus tracks. That is one sweat deal. Of course this is a huge waste of money if you allready own the first five Maiden Cds. Alot of bands just package their previous albums together and call it a limited edition box set. But the problem with that is the box set material can be bought elsewhere. At least maiden offers some rare material previously unreleased. Whats also nice is that Maiden slipt this up into two different releases. So even if you own Maiden albums, but none on her, this is still a good buy. Most bands suck at making box sets, but Maiden Time and Time again prooves that they can do them well (Eddie Head, this one parts one and Two). There really ins't anything I can think of that is bad about this set, perfect for fans who don't own their old albums. I have seen it on Ebay a few times, its not to hard to get.