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An absolute classic within every sense of the word - 100%

VampireKiller, April 30th, 2008

After the roaring "Killers", Maiden came up with what is often considered their magnum opus. And I can tell you that this is partially true. This is indeed Maiden's perhaps most classic album, but at the same time I like "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" better. After "Killers" and the following world tour, Paul Di'Anno left the band because he apparently didn't like the fame he was getting. A lot of fans were in doubt whether another front man could live up to his tenor with Maiden. But then nobody counted on Bruce Dickinson, did they? You could say that Maiden's sound completely changed when Bruce entered the picture. His vocal style is quite operatic and far removed from the punkish overtones that Paul had. This would also mark the end for Clive Burr.

The production is mostly excellent. Both the rhythm and lead guitar tracks have a lot of crunch and a metallic overtone. The bass is very up front. The only complaint would be about the drum sound, since it almost sounds like Clive is beating on a pair of buckets sometimes.

So the album begins with a riotous speed metal number called "Invaders". It's probably one of Maiden's most underrated openers even though the vocal/guitar combination during the chorus sounds slightly awkward. But aside from that little mistake there's nothing wrong with this song.

"Children of the Damned" is my favourite song from this album. It begins quite slowly and doomy, but later turns into quite a fast track with excellent guitar and vocal melodies.

The next two songs were fan favourites that never really made it beyond that status; "The Prisoner" and "22 Acacia Avenue". "The Prisoner" starts off with a spoken intro from the TV series of the same name before a recognisable drum beat from Clive initiates the song. It's quite a fast track with some great melodies. My only gripe about this track is that the chorus is a bit repetitive. "22 Acacia Avenue" is quite a long and progressive song for being about a whore (!). The intro guitar riff is very simplistic, but works really well. There's not much more to say about this song.

And the following two songs are all time metal classics that I don't think I have to say much about. "The Number of the Beast" with its lyrics, guitar solos and chorus, along with the galloping rhythm and catchy licks of "Run to the Hills".

"Gangland" is, along with "Invaders", the song that gets classified as fillers by most people. I kind of agree with that, but this one is a really good filler. A quite jazzy drum beat gives way to a very simplistic but catchy and quite heavy riff. The only thing wrong with this song is that it's slightly repetitive and not quite up to par with the rest.

"Total Eclipse" is a slow, epic and heavy track. The lyrics are the main driving force behind this song. The guitar solos and the ending part are probably the song's highlights.

And so the album comes to an end with the epic metal classic called "Hallowed Be thy Name". There's so much I could say about this song, but I think most of the other reviewers have already said enough about this.