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A brilliant DVD - 92%

enemy_of_the_public, November 1st, 2004

On this you get absolutely tons of corking stuff! I am going to review them individually so you can see the full package: -

Live at the rainbow

This is a nice performance, merely 30 minutes in length but what we get is a nice early snippet of what maiden was all about. Best thing is that 'Killers' on here is the one with the original lyrics before they changed them for the recording, so you get to not only hear it but see it for the first time in years. Add a blistering performance of 'Transylvania' which features tons of impromptu shredding and you have a cracking start to this collection.

Beast Over hammersmith

This has been demanded for absolutely years and now finally we have it, albeit a 45 minute version rather than the complete article, but thanks to new lighting processes we are now able to see this landmark performance. The band are really playing brilliantly and it is nice to see songs such as 'Number of the beast' during the middle of a set rather than predictably in encores.

Live in Dortmund

This is a very nice performance with the band really going for it. Loses points because the German tv company deleted the footage of the band Murdering Eddie, but even so it is nice to finally have some footage from the Piece of mind era.

The early Days (documentary)

Now THIS is possibly one of the greater parts of the DVD, think along the lines of the 'number of the beast' dvd and you have a rough idea of what to expect. Only we have brand new interviews including footage of band members from before 1980 for the first time in over 20 years! We are also treated to some very rare photographs of the band too which gives an even greater idea of what stories lie behind the Maiden name. 90 minutes long and highly entertaining, well worth it.

20th century Box

Well it's only 20 minutes, kind of funny, but Danny Baker is lame, so less said the better

Live at the ruskin

OH YEEEEEEEAH!!! Finally footage of maiden decimating a London Pub! This is gloriously untouched so we are treated to single camera footage, with the only embellishments as far as I can see being some touch ups to the sound. This is a quality gig, also features the only known video footage of the song 'Charlotte the harlot', for fans this show is an absolute must!


Mixed bag this, the TOP of The Pops appearances are nice as thye haven't seen light of day on television for over 20 years, but I fail to see the need to include the official promo videos, what with 'Visions of the beast' being released last year and all, ah well, there has to be a fault somewhere and this is it.

The hidden extras are some hilarious extra intervie scenes, a little hint for you all, try to find the 'ammers...