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Maiden Fans Rejoice!! - 100%

HELLTOR, January 23rd, 2005

2005, the 25th anniversary of the beast, IRON MAIDEN. The band that has made an insane amount of albums and a fan base that is only probably surpassed by the KISS army(probably) is finally 25. And all those loyal maiden fans are finally rewarded with the DVD release of History of Iron Maiden Part I: The Early Days. This 90 minute documentary covers the entire band's history, starting from the first people of Iron Maiden and running up to the release and tour of 1983's Piece of Mind. This documentary is packed with interviews, concert footage, memorabilia, TV appearances, and other such goodies. Tons of information is contained within, including such shocking revelations that the band was never really too pleased with the sound on the first album, or that Steve Harris never really liked the version of Flight of Icarus that was recorded on the Piece of Mind album The documentary itself is presented on Disc Two, with other special features on Disc One. So let us proceed in numerical orderDisc One has three concert performances. The first, Live At The Rainbow, runs for 30-minutes ,it’s the band as they were touring for their second album, 1981's Killers. The performance features the following set-list:

Ides of March
Wrath child
Remember Tomorrow
Phantom of the Opera
Iron Maiden

Moving on to the next performance, we have Beast Over Hammersmith, a thirty-five minute concert capturing the band on tour supporting 1982's The Number of The Beast. This is where they dropped Paul Di’Anno and chose Bruce Dickinson to lead Maiden. Paul was a great vocalist but like many people agree, Maiden was right in choosing Dickinson. Here are the songs that Maiden performed:

Murders in the Rue Morgue
Run To The Hills
Children of the Damned
Number of the Beast
22 Acacia Avenue
Total Eclipse
The Prisoner
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Iron Maiden

The final performance on this disc is Live In Portmund, supporting 1983's Piece Of Mind album. This show runs about 36 minutes long, and is surprisingly short on Piece Of Mind tunes (only 3), with 3 songs from The Number of the Beast, and 1 from Killers. Here's the set-list:

The Trooper
Flight of Icarus
22 Acacia Avenue
Number of the Beast
Run To The Hills

Disk Two contains a shit load of stuff. It has mores shows and an interview and some live performances. So here they are

Women in Uniform - Top of the Pops - 22/02/80, a three-minute televised performance of their Women In Uniform single. This has always been one of my favorite early-Maiden tunes, and the performance contained her is pretty fuckin raw.

The next performances are Running Free - Top of the Pops - 13/11/80 and Running Free - Rock and Pop - ZTV Germany 1980, two performances of one Maiden's signature tunes. The first one runs just over two minutes and looks and sounds fairly well, while the second one contains a ton of video noise and ghosting. Plus the quick-cutting is guaranteed to give you a seizure. Stick with the first one, even if the Murray/Smith fretwork is much sweeter on the second

Promo Videos 1980 - 1985 contains five music videos from Maiden's early history: Women In Uniform, Run to the Hills, The Number of the Beast, Flight of Icarus, and The Trooper. There's also an Easter Egg here: highlight "Extras" at the bottom of the screen and click down. An icon appears to the right. Click it and see what you can see.

Eddie's Lock-Up contains even more archival footage. We start out with Live at The Ruskin, a really early Maiden performance (right around the release of their first album) captured on amateur home video. Don't expect much in terms of picture and sound quality, but what you can expect is a really raw and scrappy performance from an emerging metal talent. The set list for this performance consists of:

Sanctuary Wratchchild Prowler
Remember Tomorrow
Running Free
Another Life
Phantom of the Opera
Charlotte The Harlot

Next we have Steve's Diary - 1975, a collection of text pages from bassist/group founder Steve Harris's 1975 journal. The entries consist mostly of gig and audition information, including how much they received in compensation and how he went to go see the Rocky Horror Show on Friday, August the 20th. Steve's Scrapbook contains stills of gig posters, concert tickets, banners, newspaper clippings, and other such memorabilia related to the band.

Moving into the Discography section, we are treated to a rundown of all the band's albums and singles (up to 1983), including the album covers, release dates, UK Chart Positions, and tracks (both song titles and songwriters listed.)

In “On The Road”, we are treated to literally dozens of photographs that detail the history of the band on tour. These are broken down into the following sections: The Early Days, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, Tour Programmes, Tour Dates, T-Shirts, Backstage Passes, and Other Artwork. All in all, this DVD is really good. A shit load of performances, interviews, facts, pics, everything that a Maiden DVD should have. This DVD is going to be on every Maidens fans essentials and is a good way to show how Maiden got its start. But as I noticed as I watching this it with my friend, if you don’t like Maiden, you’ll probably think its shit, but if you like Maiden, even the slightest bit, its worth it to go out and buy this DVD and spend sevrel hours infront of your tv staring at the legend that is Maiden.