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Probably the best track on Somewhere In Time - 89%

Mushypeawarrior, July 24th, 2005

I've always liked Iron Maiden and this song just happens to be my favourite from them. It stands out as different to me because of course you've got a quiet drum beat to start with indicating, as it does most of the time, that a great track will unfold. As it slowly fades in to the almighty riff which personally I think is just brilliant. A slower track than ones like Heaven Can Wait and Deja-Vu, tracks also on the same album, but it has a lot more power to it than those tracks. The vocals are slower allowing more time to finely tune them, and finely tuned they are. The high notes are hit without a trace of a flat start and not a single note is out of tune. As a matter of fact, it may seem strange but as the chorus says"Land of ice and snow", as you listen to the song, the guitar effects actually give the song a cold, wintery feel to it, or it could be just me.
The bass sounds semingly complacently played but the guitar solos make up for that. The playing isn't quite as thrashy or heavy as some of their older stuff, but it's a good song and it's worth a listen.