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Look, this has gone on too fucking long - 40%

IrishDeathgrip, May 19th, 2008

I gave this a low score, not because it's got bad songs, not because it's suckass... But because it's the same shit that we've had 2,036 times already. It's ANOTHER greatest hits by Iron Maiden! Let's all buy it, as we've never had these songs on any of our other fucking greatest hit travesties...

We had Best of the Beast, which shares approximately... 9 songs with this 15 song set. Bullshit? You smell it too?

Ed Hunter? 10 (12 if you count live on one, studio on another) 17 Numbers? 5. Wait, that's not so bad... But wait! There's more! Edward the Great? 7.

How many more goddamn best of's do we need? None. Or, at least none with the same tracks as every other (Run to the Hills, Number of the Beast, 2 Minutes to Midnight, The Trooper, Can I Play with Madness, Hallowed be Thy Name) This CD is the equivalent to We Sold Our Soul by Sabbath. But, as Sabbath did, Maiden could easily redeem themselves by putting out the equivalent of "Symptom of the Universe..." We'll call it "The Hits You Haven't Heard! Eddie's Backstock!"

The point is, this brings nothing to the table, and is essentially useless. I can't review the songs, cause they are on EVERY OTHER COMP!

Don't buy this... buy The Essential, since it spaces out it's "hits."