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Perfect! - 100%

shantanupatni1991, January 24th, 2009

Can you imagine what the result could be if you give a band like Iron Maiden a huge stage and 250,000 people? Well, no need to, because your dream has come true.

This is the greatest concert ever filmed and the most electrifying performance ever given by any band. Period. What the surprising factor is, that the band we’re talking about here was formed back in ’75 and this was done on the 19th of January 2001. If there’s one band that prevents people from saying that all the legends have lost touch and are aging, it’s this one!

When Bruce returned in ’99, within no time they managed to shed out what at least in my opinion is one of the more important albums of the decade, Brave New World. And when the album itself is an unmitigated classic, nothing can stop it from being followed up with an invigorating live performance and a stellar recording/production to go with it.

Here we see a band in its full form, a band with a 40+ vocalist who hasn’t lost an ounce of his talent and has a stage presence that can make our current favourites shit their pants. Today when you look at concerts you see musicians trying so hard not to make a mistake that they don’t move an inch, making the whole point of having live concerts worthless.

From Di’Anno era’s Wrathchild to Bayley’s Sign of The Cross, the bands best to their second best (current), songs from almost all albums have been played here. The improvisations are impressive and air-guitar essentials (as if their songs already weren’t), the bass is audible and most importantly, the crowd is audible. There just isn’t any flaw. Once you start listening you’ll get so caught up in the atmosphere, its almost equal to being there. Instead of taking revitalizing tonics and drinking coffee, you might want to listen to this everyday first thing in the morning. Highlights include Hallowed Be Thy Name, Fear Of The Dark & The Trooper.

If you’re thinking of getting your first (Iron Maiden) DVD, don’t overlook this one due to its date, because with Iron Maiden, there are no recessions and booms, their whole career is their prime.