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Better than the live album - 100%

Symphony_Of_Terror, March 20th, 2004

Whats better than Iron Maiden's live album Rock in Rio? The dvd. This is one of the best live dvds I have seen. The production is great, top notch. The millions of camera angles make it just amazing. This is the best Maiden dvd out there.

The main things that seperate this from other live dvds is the production value and the insane amount of different cameras the band was filmed with. There are so many different angles and the band playing on this dvd it never gets boring. Sometimes on dvds bands have around 5 different angles and it can get kinda boring. Here though all the most of the camera's are moving so you hardly ever see similiar shots of the band played. Also the stage is huge which allows the band to move around so much, this is a plus. Iron Maiden isn't a band that goes crazy and bangs their head while playing guitar or bass (standing in one spot) like Behemoth or Amon Amarth. Thats why the large stage on this dvd makes the band more entertaining. You can watch them run all overthe place, or you can watch Yanick kick stuff, its great. Then there is Bruce running around jumping off stuff like a madman and still singing like a champ.

To talk about the music breifly since I allready did that in my review of the live album. These songs sounda million times better than the studio versions, especially the older ones. Its also great seeing Bruce play the Blaze songs...since I hate Blaze's vocals. The band adds energy to the songs as well as intensity with their stage presence. The best thing is the band isn't affraid to be sloppy. In other words they sacrifice playing the songs perfectly for added energy and enjoyment. There is nothing more boring than a band trying so hard to play so well...and in the process they don't move around a whole lot. Not the case here, the band doesn't care and they songs come out well with something to offer the studio songs don't.

The fans in audience are great too. The all seem so into the music, headbanging, jumping, singing along. Its a sea of crazy brazilian fans having a great time and adding to the energy of this release. Ocaisionally the dvd shows some fans making hilarious faces, its so funny.

This is the Maiden dvd to buy, quality work. I have no problems with this release.